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Take Me Back to the Sixties
The Year 1967 (Wikipedia)
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Carroll Dorgan
Carroll Dorgan hiking in France
Hank Whitsett, Deer Isle, Maine, 2007
Bruce Raymond and Madison
Bruce Raymond and granddaughter Madison, 2007
Coach Mark Rearick
Mark Rearick
NCHS Varsity Baseball Coach
May 2007
50th Birthday Party

50th Birthday Party on Cape Cod , May 1999

Rick Cech's Butterflies of the East Coast

Paperback edition, 2007

With Coach Kelly 1987

With Coach George Kelly at the 20th Reunion
June, 1987

David and Nan Morgan
David and Nan Morgan (California)
David Morgan
David Morgan, Music Teacher
Craig Robelen and family
Craig, Lara (21), Madison (19) and Lisa Robelen (Florida)
Rich and Dianne Granata
Rich and Dianne Granata
at 2003 Northwest Tandem Rally Eugene, Oregon
Ken Gey
Ken Gey on a cruise 2007
Helen and Scott Rodde
Helen and Scott Rodde (California) in Paris, May 2007

Duncan McPherson (North Carolina)

Duncan McPherson
Jeff Martin and John Dungan
John Dungan and Jeff Martin
Jeff Martin visiting John Dungan in Minneapolis, September 10, 2001
Nick Spencer
Nick Spencer on Nantucket 2005
Nick and Patti Spencer
Nick and Patti Spencer
Nick and daughter Jessica
Nick and daughter Jessica 2005
Stags Little League 1961
Photo from Jeff Martin - NC Little League Stags
Back row: Scott Rodde, George Saltonstall, ???, Eric Hedin, Tony Saggese's dad on far right.
Middle row: Russell Alexander, Joe Pantalone '66, Robbie Jeffress, ???, John Lueders, Heinz Brunner, ???
Front row: Possibly Bob Roberts, Jeff Martin, John Galinski, Bob Saunders '68
Photos of Rams, Families & Friends
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Doug Campbell
Doug Campbell, 5K race, May 27, 2007.
First place, 50-59 age group!
Patty Burkhart (Hatcher) and family
Patty Burkhart (Hatcher), 2nd row right, and her family, including her three children, their spouses, her mom, brother, and five (5!) grandsons (Texas)
Linda Kaiser (Hotchkiss) and husband Larry
Linda Kaiser (Hotchkiss), 2nd from left, and
husband Larry, right, with friends in Venice, 2006
Anne Kaiser
Anne Kaiser in 1993
on the occasion of her graduation from Shippensburg University (BA History) (Pennsylvania)
Cheri Watt (Linsky)
Leslie Brooks (Forrest) and Laurie Brand (Iodice)
Cheri Watt (Linsky), left, Leslie Brooks (Forrest), and Laurie Brand (Iodice)
had a May 2007 mini-reunion in Florida
Hill Grimmett
Sandy Matthews (Woodward) and son Doug
Sandy Matthews (Woodward) and son Doug Easter 2007 (Florida)
Hill Grimmett 2006 (Colorado)
Wayne Brown
Wayne Brown (Florida)
1961 Seals
Photo from Mark Rearick - NC Little League Seals 1961
Back row: ???, First Selectman Charles Kelley, Coach John Locke, ???
3rd Row: Greg Melville, Joe Word (Milt's younger brother),
Peter Huidekoper, Kim Noble, Jack Quarrier
2nd Row: Jim Francis, Mark Rearick, Dave Walker, Rick Palmer,
Nick Spinosa, Ricky Eaton
Front row: Scotty Briggs, Tony Saggese, Edwin Neville, Stuart Sessions
Joanathan and Stephanie Sloane
Kauai, Hawaii, May 2006
Melissa Andrist (Hardtke)
on a Panama Canal Cruise 2006
Adrienne Helbling (Vynne) and Caroline
Miami 2006
Mike Maloney
Mike Maloney (Georgia)
Susan and Roger Colman
Susan and Roger Colman (Indiana) in the Cayman Islands (left) and with their family
July 4, 2007: clockwise: Roger and Bogey Mon the dog, son Scott, daughter Katie, Susan with grandson Drew, son-in-law Brent, and daughter-in-law Mary.
1962 Wolves
Photo from Bruce Raymond-NC Little League Wolves 1962
Back row adults: Pete Raymond, Charles Kelley, Walter Schalk
Third row: ???, Mark Dix, ???, John Shipman
Second row: Greg Raymond, Gary Griffiths, Henry Chandler, Danny Bernadelli, Bruce Raymond, Steve Draper, ???
First row: Peter Hall, ???, Gary Wilkinson, Hank Whitsett, Jerry Day
1962 All-Stars

Photo from Bruce Raymond-NC Little League All-Stars 1962
Adults: Mr. Locke, Mr. Pennington, Mr. Saggese
Second row: Billy Boegner, Norm Sweeters, Eric Hedin, Joe Pantalone,
John Shipman, ???
Front row: Mike Stashenko, Doug Campbell, Bruce Raymond, Peil Pennington, Rick Palmer, Pete Huidekoper

Napa Smiles
Napa (California) Smiles:
Scott Rodde, David and Nan Morgan
June 2007
Sarah Cousins (Shapiro)
Sarah Cousins (Shapiro) and some of her family (Israel):
L to R: Her son Yehudah, Sarah, son-in-law Nati, daughter Yehudit and daughter Lala. A newborn grandson is in the carriage!
June 2007
Michael Baker and Tasha
Spring 2007, Arch Cape, Oregon
Vicky Thomas (Howard) and Lindsey

Vicky Thomas (Howard)
and daughter Lindsey 1982

Betsy Arthur (Wilson) and fiance Tim
Fall 2006
Betsy Arthur (Wilson) at St. Mark's Strawberry Festival in New Canaan
Bob Lane's 4 grandkids

Bob Lane's four grandchildren:
Lane, Mershon, Huxley, and Calder

Bob Lane with Mershon and Huxley
Vicky Thomas (Howard)
and son Sloan 1973
Sarah Cousins (Shapiro) and grandson
Mason Smith and family
Sarah Cousins (Shapiro) with new grandson
a few hours after his birth
June 10, 2007
Mason, Pat, and Whit Smith, St. Croix 2002
Vicky Thomas (Howard) building a loft for her 5th grandchild
Eric Hedin and girlfriend Linda, with Mason Smith
Virgin Islands 1977
Julie Schaefer (Hermiston) and friend
Merrilee Buck (Kinney) in Caneel Bay, St. John, Virgin Islands 2007
Debbie Baldwin, husband Irwin, and daughter Alexis, (at a Committee to Protect Journalists dinner in New York; Alexis used to work for CPJ).
Ginny Paglialunga and grandson William
Thanksgiving 2006
Rusty Gore in Thailand
Lidia Gonzalez' arrival in New Canann from Spain, Fall 1966. With her hosts, the Weckerley family:
Kris, Ruth, Lidia, Howard, and Karen

Lidia Gonzalez' departure, July 5, 1967:
Lidia, Ruth and Howard Weckerly

Lidia Gonzalez - Perannos 1967
Joan Dussart (Woodhead)
Perannos 1967
Wendy Scott (McDonald) and Suzy O'Rourke (Caesar)

Joan Dussart (Woodhead)
England July 2007

Mike and Joan Woodhead
with Aero
Joan Dussart (Woodhead)'s daughter Katy and son Gordon.
The Woodheads live in the rural Alnwick district of
Northumberland in northeast England.
Rob Smith and his family - sons Austen, Carson and Ryan, and wife Sally - at the Great Wall in China and in
the New Zealand Fjiordland. After 2 1/2 years in New Zealand the Smiths now live in Longmont, Colorado.
Kathy Harman (Harding)
Gubbio, Italy 2006
Kathy Harman (Harding)'s two daughters, Becky and Sara (who attended the 20th reunion as children) with their first born at the new
Harding home in Maine, 2006
Kathy's 3 grandchildren, Mia and Megan Szalaj (parents Becky and Aaron) in Colorado and Alexander Lou (parents Sara and Derek Lou) in Houston.
Kathy and husband Ralph Harding in Italy 2006
Lee Elgin, July 2007 (New Mexico)
Bob Muller and wife Melony (right) celebrating
daughter Lauryn's 22nd birthday in NYC.
Beth Lane and grandkids (Mershon, Lane, Huxley, Beth, and Calder) vacationing in Michigan 2007
Suzy O'Rourke (Caesar) and husband Pete with their grandchildren (New Hampshire)
Look over to the right
AND down!
Captain Jim Spell (center) and his crew of the Vail Fire Department (Colorado)
Jim Spell and crew at a rescue on I-70 (Colorado)
Jim Spell at Eagle Lake (Colorado)
Pop Warner Cheerleaders 1962
"Under the Direction of Gail Davidson, Head Cheerleader, NCHS
Kneeling in front, left to right, are Mary King, Jane Smith, Linda Kaiser.
Standing, left to right, are Joanne DiBarnaba, Marie Paglialungo, Barbara Braisted, Dale Ready, Candy Johnson, Linda Macklem, Karen Lewis. Missing when the picture was taken are Debbie Haskell, Tina Hiden, and Susie Davidson."
Photo from Dave Barrales
Pop Warner Football 1962
Roster: 10 Bruce Raymond, 12 Euch Tiani, 20 Pete Huidekoper, 21 Mike Stashenko, 22 Dave Barrales, 24 Tony Saggese, 25 David Johnson,  26 Peter Schultz,
50 Charles Savatsky, 51 Terry Higbie, 60 Rick Temple, 61 Steve Parks,  
62 Ed LeBlond, 63 Tavy Forlivio, 64 Robbie Jefferess, 65 Paul Pullen,  
70 Rick Arbuthnot, 71 Bob Saunders, 72 Rick Palmer, 73 Michael Bissette,
74 Jeff Connor,  77 Peter Hall, 80 Rick Tocci,  81 Gary Wilkinson, 82 Mason Smith, 83 Piel Pennington, 84 Jon Connor,  85 Rob Pennington
Photo from Dave Barrales
David Morgan's Freshmen Football Numerals
Julie Schaefer (Hermiston) and her grandchildren
(left to right): Marissa (5 1/2), James (3),
Gracie (3 1/2), Aiden (6), and Emily (9), 2007
Ro McMahon (Sharpe) and Gail Ferguson (Kiss)
at Ro's son's wedding reception in Chicago, 2006
Betsy Paull (Mitchell) and family, November 2006
Robin Feierabend and family in Richmond, VA, June 2007
Left to right: daughter-in-law Kristin Ann and (her husband) oldest son Karl, Robin and his wife Margaret, youngest daughter Kristin Elise, and middle son Neal
Robin Feierabend and family in Louisiana, December 2006:
Left to right: Robin, wife Margaret, son Karl, son Neal, Karl's wife Kristin Ann, daughter Kristin Elise, and Neal's girlfriend Jess
Robin and his mother
San Francisco, December 2004
Robin at Karl's graduation
from Colorado University
(Ph.D. in chemistry) June 2006
Connie Kniffin and her husband John
aboard their boat Reverie
during a New England trip, summer 2006
Dave Barrales and daughter Katy (Florida)
Milt Word, Bob Cooper, Bob Lane, and
Tony Saggese (Submitted by Tony)
Susan Guerrero (above and below)
The Saggese Family
Left to right: Chelsea, Tony, Laurie, Chris, and Courtney
Peggy Mann (Rinehart's) family:
From L-R: grandson Jagr, sitting on Grandma's (Peggy Mann) lap, grandson Åland sitting on Grandpa's (Jerry Rinehart-Peggy's husband) lap, Alison, Ross and Jill Rinehart (Peg's Kids) and Mike Dabroski (the awesome son-in-law).
Mark and Ann Dix
Beth Shepard (Peters) and family:
L to R: Daughter Alexandra (18, NCHS Class of 2007!), Beth, husband Ken
Miss Jensen's 5th grade class, South School, March 1960 (Submitted by Susan Guerrero)
Standing on the left (left to right):  Anne Whittaker, Frannie Allen, Martha Frisby, Adrienne Helbling, Marion Dudley, Sandy Sims, Mary Work.
Boys standing near teacher (left to right):  Jeff Connor, Hank Whitsett, Stephen Peter, David Lundberg, Doug Campbell, Norman Sweeters.
Girls standing near teacher (left to right):  Karen Lewis, Diane Lorch, Cathy Jones, Nancy Richardot, Donna Worrall, Pam Van Derheyden, Rick Ceck.
Seated on the left (left to right):  Sarah Cousins, Barb Britzke, Kathy Glynn.
Seated to the right (left to right):  Sally Plummer, Susan Guerrero
Seated on the floor (left to right):  Steve Draper, Dave Barrales, Lewis Cook, George Simpson,
Jack Quarrier
Susan Guerrero and Debbie Baldwin Alexander Calder Retrospective
Guggenheim Museum. 1964
Tom Lawton, Clair Becker, George Simpson,
Cindy ?, Chris ?, and Karen Santry
South School 1955-56
(Submitted by Susan Guerrero)
Richard ? and Jane Reynolds
South School, 1955-56 (Submitted by Susan Guerrero)
Mike Maloney filming in Papua New Guinea 1979
Mike Maloney (right), his wife Amy, and her father Harald on vacation in Cabo San Lucas 2004
Students for Democratic Society
Marquette University 1969:
First row on left: Mike Baker;
Second row in the middle: Mike Maloney
Bruce Williams
in Arrowsic, Maine
Summer 2007
George Reinholt, Stu, Bruce Bulger, and Fred Reinholt at Fred's son's wedding.
(Submitted by Bruce Bulger)
Joan Bertram, May 2007

Joan Bertram and family
Back row: Sister-in-law's daughter Tracey, Joan's husband Jeff, Joan's mother-in-law, and her brother-in-law Irwin.
Front row: Sister-in-law Linda, grandson Jake, granddaughter Emma, and Joan.
March 2007

Joan Bertram and granddaughter Emma
March 2007
Bill Boeger and family, Sun Valley, Idaho
Sandy Matthews (Woodward)'s grandchildren vacationing in RI 2007:
Natalie 5 1/2 and Nathan 12 1/2
Sandy Matthews (Woodward) and her son John's family in RI 2007: Son John and his wife Cynthia are in the middle, Cynthia's nephew on the left, Sandy on the right, and Natalie and Nathan in the front,
Barb and Gordon Manning piloting
the Joseph Conrad at Mystic Seaport (CT)
Gordon Manning
on the East River 2006
Bill and Linda Warfield in Hawaii 2007
Ginny Lacey in Italy - "Too Many Bags!"
Ginny Lacey April 2007
Dave Lundberg exploring Buddhism
with Lama Knenpo Dorje, Nepal 1998
Dave Lundberg and family in 2001
Left to right: Dave's father (he just turned 99!), Dave's wife Gretchen, his mom Joan, his older brother Ted, sister-in-law Nancy, and Dave
Gretchen and Dave Lundberg 2005
Bob and Beth Lane's wedding Labor Day weekend (1969), Toledo, Ohio, in the back yard of Beth's parents on the banks of the Maumee River.
ABOVE: Left to right: back to camera - Les Moseley,
Rob Smith, Joe Anderer, and a friend of Beth's
LEFT: Rob Smith and Bob.
Donna Lapolla (Gargon) with three of her grandkids:
left to right - Sarah 2, Emily 7 months, and Alex 16
Donna Lapolla (Gargon)'s daughter Robin and her kids Left to right: Austin 6, Cody 6 months, Madison 4 1/2
June 2007
Wendy Scott (McDonald's) family at daughter Molly's Lafayette College graduation, May 2006
Left to right: Molly, Wendy, Betsy, Alan, and Tim
Donna Lapolla (Gargon)'s kids:
Robin (34), Mark (20), and Stacey (36)
Girls Scouts in a Memorial Day Parade (photo submitted by Susan Guerrero): The leaders were the mothers of Jane Reynolds and Debbie Olson. From extreme left (visible faces only): Mrs. Reynolds, unidentified (Debbie Olson?), Franny Allen, Suzanne Heppner, Laurie Elders, unidentified, Susan Guerrero, Peggy Price, Claudia Heppner.
Tim Empkie sculling on the Seekonk River
Providence, RI 2005
Four 3rd graders in 1957:
Left to right: Kathy Wooters, Linda Nicoletti, Anne Kaiser, and Mary Refshauge
(Photo submitted by Anne Kaiser)
Miss McGregor and six 3rd graders in 1957
Left to right: Sally Fairty, Anne Kaiser, unknown, Priscilla "Prilly" Hammond, Jancis Cowley, and Heinz Brunner
(Photo submitted by Anne Kaiser)
Lorraine Wiedemann (Edwards) and Mary Dickson at the Edwards' home in August 2007
(photo by Lorraine's husband Ross)
Lori and Phil Kenney and sons
vacationing in Idaho, August 2007
Alison Zucker (Broadbent) and son Asher
at the Renaissance Faire in California 2007
Diane Lorch (Bolton) and Muffy Sickel's grandson Dylan. Back left, Diane's husband Don, and back right, Dylan's dad. 2007
Carroll Dorgan and family in France in 2007:
Left: Carroll above Samoëns, a small town in the Alps near their vacation spot;
Middle: Mary and Carroll at the "Bout du Monde";
Right: Carroll with son William and daughter Chloé, celebrating his 58th birthday in August.

Pat Skinner (VanderMeer) and family:
Left: Pat and husband Dennis at Independence Hall, Philadelphia;
Middle: Pat and Dennis on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland;
Right: Pat, her mom, and friend Eleanor Purcell Adams in Hilton Head, South Carolina.
Eleanor runs the Family Circle Cup women's tennis tournament in Charleston.

Lidia Gonzalez (Pachon)
(Lidia is coming to the reunion from Spain!
How great is that!)
Melissa Andrist (Hardtke)'s son Adam, a pilot with Horizon Airlines, and the plane he flies, a CRJ700
Melissa Andrist (Hardtke) and husband Jim sailing on Puget Sound 2005
Terri and Peter Hoopes May 2007
Tom Brander's daughter Lauren
on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival
Tom Brander in Patagonia (above left), with wife Shasta on the way to Argentina (June 2007), and the family dog Dart
Jim Flournoy on the Miri Dam, Sudan,
Nuba Water Project, May 2007
Jim and Jenny Flournoy
on the Mediterranean, August 2006
Dave Barrales and daughter Katy
after a 2-mile swim in the Bahamas (August 2007)
She finally beat the old man!
Claudia and John Dungan in Bloomington MN
John and Claudia Dungan
with their daughters Maggie and Emily
Maggie and Emily and the family friends
Becky Jewett (Rendall) and husband Don
Lindsey Rendall (9)
Mya Rendall (7)

Didi Johnson (van den Berg)
Left: camping recently in the Cohutta Wilderness Area (Georgia)
Center: With husband Kobus in Rome at New Years 2004
Right: With Kobus and two Peace Corps friends, Mary and Dawn,
at the end of a 5-day backpack trip down the Fish River Canyon in Namibia

Cheryn Fry (Kwasnik) and husband John
January 2007
Cheryn and John's daughter Donna, her husband, and two grandchildren, AJ and Avery. September 2007
Cheryn and John's son Michael and wife Nicky
January 2007
Tony Morrill
Grace, Beth, Keith, Cathryn Gaylord
                      ...and Ziggy
            Vermont - Winter, 2003
Don Lycan II (right) with his son Don III and daughter Jacqi at her high school graduation May 2007
Above left: Don and his hot rod motor project in August 2006 Above right: Don during the Porche Club of America event in August 2007

Don Lycan and his family:
Left: Don at his daughter Elizabeth's (29) wedding in September 2006 at Waveny in New Canaan.
Above (left to right): Son Don III (26), Don, Elizabeth, her husband Wilson, and Jacqueline (17).

Laurie and Tony Saggese - Spring 2007
Tony Saggese, Wendy Scott (McDonalnd),
Betsy Paull (Mitchell), Mary Dickson,
Tim Empkie in New Canaan - Spring 2007
Wendy Scott (McDonald), Betsy Paull (Mitchell), and Tim Empkie in New Canaan - Spring 2007
Catsy Thayer in New Canaan 1967
Catsy Thayer (lower left)
at her retirement party
after 27 years teaching at Rippowam School
Catsy Thayer 2007
with her 5th grade art class
Muffy Sickel (Brasted), right, with
her daughter Beck, grandson Dylan (3 years),
and holding Ryder (6 weeks). September 22, 2007
Samantha (19)
Muffy's younger daughter
Muffy Sickel (Brasted) with daughters
Samantha (left, now 19) and Beck (right, now 32)
Photo taken "a few years back".
New Canaan High School
Class of 1967