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to everyone who helped with the 40th reunion

CLICK HERE to see the names


Printable PDF document

New Canaan High School
Class of 1967
Updated October 18, 2012
After five years of savoring our 40th Reunion it is time to begin thinking about our 50th in 2017! We would like to update our records and make sure we know where all classmates are - and in the process facilitate continuing mini-reunions around the country (and the world). In the coming months all of these pages will be updated as we receive your current information. Thank you for your help!
Welcome Back
to the
NCHS '67

  • Please send your updated contact information (please include your maiden and married names) to Wendy Scott McDonald at:
    WScottMcD AT gmail DOT com
  • Sign up for FACEBOOK and regularly check the "New Canaan High School - Class of 1967" page. Almost half of the class now participates in this page. Please join us and post news and pictures about yourself, your family, and your friends. Many thanks to Roy McAlpine for setting this up shortly after the 40th reunion.
  • Let us know if you would like to plan a mini-reunion and we will assist with announcements and contacts. If you have had a gathering, please send news and pictures for this site and post same on FACEBOOK.
  • If you would like to help with planning (mini-reunions, the 50th, anything), please contact either Wendy or Tim. Warm regards from us both! WSMcD and TE